It’s a question we hear often, “So what DO y’all do up there in Wooster?”

Anyone on our team is proud to answer, but it’s not something that’s easily summed up in a few words. In fact, it’s something we all could write, talk, tweet about, photograph and capture on video for years. We have and continue to do so.

The kicker is, nothing beats seeing it for yourself.

We have lots of cattlemen groups visit over the course of a year, but not everyone gets the opportunity to walk through the doors of our Culinary Center, meet the staff who work passionately every day to build demand for high-quality beef (and in turn, registered Angus cattle) and taste the beef innovation.

I’ve always been a “show me, don’t tell me” type of person, so I think the next best thing to being here in person, is for us to show what it is we’re doing up here in the Buckeye State. To do just that, we teamed up with the American Angus Association communications folks to produce an episode of the RFD-TV show, The Angus Report, focused on what’s happening at Certified Angus Beef LLC headquarters.

Aired on March 12th, the show takes you behind the scenes of our brand.

We walk you through the doors of our offices and share our history.

Then tell the story of how we track pounds, sales, cattle and where the brand is used.

We share how our chefs are leading and collaborating with the culinary community.

And last, but not least, bring viewers into the meat lab where we teach about our 10 science-based specifications.

Watch the entire episode over on YouTube or The Angus Report website.

These special segments just scratched the surface of what all the team in Wooster is doing on behalf of Angus cattlemen. There’s a lot more we’d love to show and tell you about, which is why we hope we’ll see you in here during the National Angus Convention, when we’ll be a stop on the National Angus Tour and host an open house.

Visit and experience the brand for yourself — I promise, it’s better in person. And keep those questions coming — we love providing the answers.

Until next time,