Ever since we kicked off our Mythbuster Monday series back in January
2011, it’s been the source of some of our most popular content. But that’s not
why we love it. (Or not entirely why we love it. I mean, who doesn’t crave a little popularity?)

We love the series because it gives us a chance to do what we do best: Talk about something we’re passionate about. We not only believe the product is far superior to its competition, but we’ve got a whole bunch of science backing us up.

And the more good news we get to share about the Certified Angus Beef® brand, the more we get to help you guys create increased demand for your high-quality Angus genetics.

And that’s a job we couldn’t be prouder to do.

So, today, we revisit 10 of the top myths we’ve busted over the last 28 months. Be sure to click through and catch up on those you may have missed!

Myth: All Angus beef is Certified Angus Beef® .

Myth: CAB is a logo you see in the grocery store that works entirely on the demand/consumer side of the beef production chain.

Myth: Highly-marbled beef is more fatty and therefore not a healthy “lean” protein option.

Myth: Using DNA technology in beef cattle selection is only for the rich and curious.

Myth: Certified Angus Beef® does nothing to elevate the value of the end meats.

Myth: That good lookin’ black calf does all the talking for the Black Ink team.

Myth: Certified Angus Beef® doesn’t accept yield grade 4s into its program.

Myth: As long as they’re black, it doesn’t matter how much Angus-influence they have. They’ll grade just the same.

Myth: If you don’t sell product, then you’re just an advertising agency.

Myth: Selecting for high-quality cattle will ruin your cowherd.

Which busted myth was your favorite? Any others you’d like to see
us tackle here on the blog?