Seedstock Marketing

The first step to qualifying for the Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand is a solid genetic foundation. For a quality-focused Angus seedstock business, it only makes sense to link to the world-class branded beef program that you own. Doing so with a plan can help build relationships and make everybody in the chain more money.

The root of CAB’s mission is to build demand for registered Angus cattle. We do that through a specification-based, superior beef product, but we also work to help those dollars flow back to cattlemen at all levels of production.

One of the best ways to help capture some of the CAB premium is by marketing bulls with genetic potential to perform from pasture to plate. Leverage the marketing materials below to tell the story of how you target the brand.

The Targeting the Brand™ Logo

Breeders who cultivate genetics that include an emphasis on carcass traits can help commercial customers identify those with the potential to throw calves that will perform better on the rail.

There’s more data than ever available on today’s sire prospects, and commercial producers try to balance numerous traits and numbers in sire selection. Help your customers easily find the added value from bulls meeting our genetic recommendations. The Targeting the Brand™ logo does that math and simplifies the selection process. 

spring 2020 TtB requirements

The logo can be used by any breeder whose bulls are breed average or better for two key metrics: Marbling EPD (expected progeny difference) and Angus Grid Value Index ($G). To find the cream of the crop for grade potential, qualifying bulls as of Fall 2019 need a marbling EPD of at least +0.54, along with $G + 46. As breed averages fluctuate, so do those criteria.

Why these numbers? They are a starting place to help identify genetics that will go on to bring premiums from performance on quality beef grids. The No.1 reason carcasses don’t make the Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand is a lack of marbling, so you may want to encourage customers who feed cattle to choose bulls above the baseline benchmarks required to use the marks.

Download the logo and corresponding sale catalog inserts to use the brand in your seedstock marketing efforts. The logo should only be used to identify individuals or groups of bulls that meet the genetic benchmarks. Include the Targeting the Brand™ logo advertisement (available in half- and full-page format) in your sale catalog to help customers look for the logo understand its significance. If unable to fit one of the sale catalog inserts into your book please use the corresponding text provided in your email download package.

Only sales promoting registered Angus bulls are eligible for use of the Targeting the Brand™ logo.

Rewards for Riding for the Brand

First-time Targeting the Brand™ logo users earn a $250 gift certificate to use on CAB merchandise. This can be used to purchase items for bull buyer gifts or personal use.

To receive your free $250 CAB shopping spree, follow the three steps below:

Step 1

Use the Targeting the Brand™ logo next to each bull in your sale catalog that meets the minimum EPD requirements. The logo may still be used for qualifying bulls, even if your catalog layout does not showcase these two numbers.

Step 2

Include logo advertisement (available in half- and full-page format) in your sale catalog to help customers understand what the logo means and know to look for it.*

Step 3

Submit a digital copy of your final sale catalog to Kara Lee at She will follow-up with your gift card for the Certified Angus Beef ® shop.

Only sales promoting registered Angus bulls are eligible for the reward program. Certified Angus Beef LLC reserves the right to disqualify any entry if the logo is not used appropriately according to the guidelines above.

*General use of the Targeting the Brand™ logo in sale catalogs (not used to identify individual animals), is not permitted. Past recipients of $250 gift codes are not eligible.

Stucky Success

A Targeting the Brand™ logo has appeared in Stucky sale catalogs as a selection aid for customers since 2011.

“We decided we were going to ride for the brand in every way possible,” Stucky says. Targeting the Brand™ entails much more than simply raising cattle that can grade.

Some Stucky customers sell calves at weaning but an increasing share participate in the backgrounding and finishing phases to get more return on their investment in genetics. The 200 Circle-S-Bar bulls sold annually and their average productive life means they generate up to 20,000 commercial Angus calves each year.

Serve The Brand on Sale Day

Serve your customers the best Angus beef by becoming a CAB licensee for a day. We’ll help connect you to a brand supplier and provide a free promotion kit to share the brand story just like it would be seen in a restaurant.

To become a licensee for a day, you must only serve Certified Angus Beef ® at your event and submit an application form at least three weeks prior to sale day. Contact us to license for a day at your next ranch event.

Share Your Pride

Want to represent the brand all day every day? Need a new idea for customer appreciation gifts? Want the exact steak knives we use at The Culinary Center? Shop Certified Angus Beef ® merchandise for all your apparel, gift and culinary brand needs.

Customer Resources

Looking for the perfect piece to explain how commercial cattlemen can target the brand? Our library of resources is available to help you tell the brand story. From carcass grading to a small handout that explains how the brand works, we can provide print materials for your next on-farm or ranch event. Contact us at least three weeks prior to your event to ensure on-time shipment arrival.