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Genetic Selection

The relationship between carcass merit and maternal traits in beef cattle: A case study and literature review

Dan Loy et al.; Iowa State University

Selection for marbling and the Impact on maternal traits

J. K. Smith and S. P. Greiner, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

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Southern Carcass Improvement Project review

J. Tom Brink, Gardiner Angus Ranch 

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The relationship between marbling and other EPDs with implications when making beef cow herd breeding and management decisions 

T. Marston; Kansas State University

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Field-testing $Beef in purebred Angus cattle

Anderson, K.; T. Brink, M. Gardiner and S. Hands

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Genetic aspects of marbling in beef carcasses

A. Herring, Texas A&M University 

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Breeding programs from a cattle feeder’s perspective

J. Tom Brink, J & F Oklahoma Holdings, Inc.

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Crossbreeding: Considerations and alternatives in an evolving market

N. Speer, Western Kentucky University 

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Genetic basis for heat tolerance in cattle

M. Rolf, Oklahoma State University 

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Effect of hide color and percentage Angus on feedlot performance and carcass traits in beef calves.

L. Corah, et. al; Certified Angus Beef LLC

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Feeding, health and management

Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) in beef cattle: Complicated threat to health and productivity in multiple beef industry segments

M.G. Thomas et. al; Colorado State University et. al

Factors affecting intramuscular adipose tissue development in beef cattle

B. Johnson, et. al; Texas Tech University

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The effect of cattle disease on carcass traits

R.L. Larson, DVM, PhD, ACT

Best practices for managing heat stress in feedyard cattle

T. Mader, Mader Consulting LLC

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Effects of nutrition and management during the stocker phase on marbling score and quality grade

C. Krehbiel, et. al  ; Oklahoma State University

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Effect of time of birth within the spring calving season on performance and carcass traits of beef calves fed in the Iowa Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity.

G.D. Fike, et. al; Certified Angus Beef LLC

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Effect of health treatments on feedlot performance, carcass traits and profitability of beef calves fed in the Iowa Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity.

G.D. Fike, et. al; Certified Angus Beef LLC 

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Feedlot performance and carcass traits for Southeast or Midwest calves.

D. Busby, et. al; Iowa State Universtiy and Certified Angus Beef LLC

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Effect of nutrition and management practices on marbling deposition and composition

S. Duckett; University of Georgia, Athens

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Implant strategies for high quality grade beef production

R. Pritchard; South Dakota State Universit

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Nutritional and management factors affecting marbling deposition

L. Berger & N. Pyatt; University of Illinois

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Effects of the 60-d window around the time of weaning on subsequent quality grade and eating quality of beef

J. Ahola, Colorado State University

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All about the beef

Factors increasing quality grades in U.S. fed cattle

P. Dykstra, Beef Cattle Specialist, Certified Angus Beef LLC

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Producing flavorful beef

J.D. Tatum; Colorado State University

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Yield grading: History, issues and opportunities

T. Lawrence, West Texas A&M University

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The scientific basis of the Certified Angus Beef ® brand specifications

P.D. Bass, Certified Angus Beef LLC

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Sensory evaluation of tender beef strip loin steaks of varying marbling levels and quality treatments

C. Corbin, et.al, Texas Tech University et. al

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The value of marbling in consumer acceptance of beef 

L. Corah; Certified Angus Beef LLC

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Characterization of Certified Angus Beef ® steaks from the round, loin, and chuck

Nelson et. al, Oklahoma State University Related reading: Defining the CAB difference

The relationship between subcutaneous fat and marbling

R. Maddock, North Dakota State University

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Demand and Markets

Recent trends: Beef quality, value and price

 J. Tatum, Colorado State University

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Determination of the effect of branding on consumer palatability ratings of beef strip loin steaks of various quality levels and ground beef of various lean points from different subprimals

T.G. O’Quinn, Kansas State University 

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Cross-category indulgence: Why do some premium brands grow during recession?

T. Mark et. al, University of Guelph, et. al 

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Changes in the ground beef market and what it means for cattle producers

N. Speer, et. al, Western Kentucky University

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Retail and foodservice marketing trends for beef

B. Harsh, et. al, Oklahoma State University 

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Should beef quality grade be a priority? 

Jillian Steiner and Dr. Scott Brown, University of Missouri

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External influences on North American beef production: How will the cattle feeding industry adapt? 

P. Anderson, Midwest PMS, LLC

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Consumers, business and breeding systems: Charting the beef industry’s path

N. Speer, Western Kentucky University

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Defining and quantifying Certified Angus Beef ® brand consumer demand

L.Zimmerman and T. Schroeder, Kansas State University 

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