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Packers pay more than $75 million in CAB grid premiums each year. Are you getting your share?

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Every steak starts with your genetic decisions. The first step towards brand acceptance? Registered Angus bulls.

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From best management practices to genetic recommendations, we share how to let the brand add to your bottom line.

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Spring Cove Ranch

2019 Seedstock Commitment to Excellence

Noble Ranch

2019 Commercial Commitment to Excellence

NA Timmerman Inc

2019 Feedyard Commitment to Excellence

Hy-Plains Feedyard

2019 Progressive Partner

Applications for Beef Leaders Institute are open

The Beef Leaders Institute (BLI) provides American Angus Association members a unique opportunity to experience the beef value chain from pasture-to-plate. Hosted by the American Angus Association and sponsored by the Certified Angus Beef ® brand and the Angus Foundation, the tour takes participants on a five-day expedition starting at the Association. Then hit the road to learn about new technology in the industry and what happens to your feeder calves once they leave your operation.

Sound up your alley? Apply before the February 15 deadline.


Prime seasonality

Prime seasonality

This year has started out with record highs for fed steer/heifer carcasses grading Prime. How much will the market demand and at what premium can it support? We haven’t reached the ceiling yet.

Other news

Mindful management

Undetectable diseases are hard to cure. That’s why the industry is working to find new ways of treating liver abscesses. Tylan is effective, but as antibiotic-resistance concerns and conversations continue, its future is not assured.

Sheltering Generations

The American Barn

Across America, on your farms and ranches the barn is the heart of the operation. That’s why we traveled across the country to #BrandTheBarn for our 40th anniversary last year. Forty barns to be exact.

Wonderful families with incredible stories worth sharing. That’s why we returned to these barns. We are excited to offer our new coffee table book: Sheltering Generations. It is filled with agricultural legacies, beautiful photography and heartfelt stories.

Targeting the Brand™

Leverage the brand to help market registered Angus bulls that meet our minimum genetic recommendations. Get rewarded for using the logo.