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Proactive animal health means a genetic approach

In a world where producers select for any production traits, why not start focusing on health genetics? The American Angus Association is collaborating with scientists in Canada and Australia to get at the genetics of immunity.

Better every day

“Continuous improvement,” it’s what the beef industries does to demonstrate to consumers we’re committed to getting better. It’s how we measure progress. For Cargill Protein, the packing company puts the same pressure on themselves.

Mindful management

Undetectable diseases are hard to cure. That’s why the industry is working to find new ways of treating liver abscesses. Tylan is effective, but as antibiotic-resistance concerns and conversations continue, its future is not assured.

Trust insurance

Beef Quality Assurance eases consumer concerns about how their food is raised. BQA is common sense backed by science and research like animal welfare, health, record keeping, biosecurity, transportation and worker safety.

Promoting growth and grade

When it comes to growth implants in cattle, animal scientist Robbi Pritchard only worries about three things: getting enough premium if you’re not use them, using them wrong and using them with too little insight.

A rare opportunity

It’s been 16 years since the “cow that stole Christmas” shut down exports from North America and cost the industry $9 billion. All these years later and still no national traceability program? Joe Leathers shared his exasperation.

Latest headlines

Mostly there

Cattlemen have made great progress when it comes to Prime, but Clint Walenciak, the brand’s director of packing, argues there’s still a lot of progress to be made.

The proof on the plate

An American by birth and by food, Chef Venoy Rogers III loves incorporating beef into his “New American Fusion” cuisine. Spoiler alert: his guests love it too.

$92 million reasons to aim high

Packers pay nearly $8 million per month in Certified Angus Beef® brand premiums, according to a recent survey. Those record high dollars come at a time when there’s been record quality through the system, too.

Marketed best

Paul Dykstra covered the value in feeder calf marketing at the Cattle Industry Convention touching on seasonality, quality, health, and relationships and how it all circles back to profit building.

Cobb to lead CAB production team

Describing beef supply and demand as a bit of a chess match, Bruce Cobb says he’s learned the game through various roles in the past three decades. He’s now taking on a new vantage point as executive vice president of production for the brand.

Better every day

“Continuous improvement,” it’s what the beef industries does to demonstrate to consumers we’re committed to getting better. It’s how we measure progress. For Cargill Protein, the packing company puts the same pressure on themselves.

Black Ink

What technology can’t do

Technology has done a lot for making rancher jobs easier—like automatic waterers. But nothing can replace the human side of stockmanship.

Betting on beef

We will never be able to predict exactly how the chips will fall, but if there’s a safe bet to make, it’s to keep it on marbling. It’s the ace in our hand to stack play as a sure predictor of consumer satisfaction.

Common ground

We swapped stories about meeting our significant others, of vacation blunders and parenting priorities. There were some great storytellers in our ranks. The food was outstanding, but the company surpassed it.

Videos: Industry Updates

Cattle health via genetics

March 31, 2020

Australian Brad Hine talks about ongoing work to identify genetic links to cattle immunity…

BQA creates confidence

Building the best

Clearing up concerns

Cattle Crew Views

Champions on the hoof and under the hide

Alexis “Lexi” Koelling has been pulling a heifer around since she was three. Now 15, she’s no stranger to the winner’s circle, but you wouldn’t know by talking to her. You’d have to prod her a bit to find out she won Grand Champion in both the carcass steer and bred-and-owned carcass steer at the National Junior Angus Show this summer. It’s her 5th year in that competition, her second bred-and-owned.

Sustaining common ground

Steve knows that while consumers’ intentions are good, they aren’t always backed with the most accurate information. He explains points of sustainability on his ranch.

Beef Leaders Institute: An original experience

Past experience showed me enough to get where food comes from, but not enough to understand how it gets from point A to B and then to me. Now I get the beef story, and a huge part of the credit goes to the week I spent with the American Angus Association’s Beef Leaders Institute (BLI) in June.

Of dreams and going all in

“I wish I could just move west and buy a ranch.” It’s something I’ve heard my dad mutter for years. He’s been around agriculture all his life, stacking hay as a teen and raising Hereford steers for the freezer as an adult. But Maryland is not big country. These days, he’s living vicariously through his three daughters’ 4-H projects and FFA events (and my internship here at CAB of course).

CAB Insider

Opportunity cost of occupancy

Cattlemen always try to lower cow cost while improving returns. Paul shares what pays in your cow herd and why you want above average cows to hold onto. CAB premiums averaged $116/cwt. in 2018 and 2019.

Continued growth and demand

The passing of December holidays signals the end of late-year market popping demand for marbling-rich middle meats. Carcass cutout values for those items shift back towards normalized levels with notable seasonal changes.

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From beef sales trends to grid nuances, CAB experts from across the company discuss how to market matters to you.