CAB Market Report

Stay on top of the high-quality beat with these segments. From beef sales trends to grid nuances, CAB experts from across the company discuss how the market matters to you.

The Importance of Choice-Select Spread

Newly appointed CEO at the American Angus Association and former Vice President of Production at Certified Angus Beef LLC Mark McCully gives insight into the choice-select spread. Learn how producers can use spread fluctuations to better plan their marketing approach.

The Beef Market in 2019

Paul Dykstra, a beef cattle specialist for Certified Angus Beef LLC, gives insight into the projected beef market for 2019. Learn how changes in the market will impact consumers and how beef is performing compared to other protein sources.

Where in the world is CAB?

Clint Walenciak, director of packing at Certified Angus Beef LLC, provides perspective on the international market for beef. This includes the most popular cuts worldwide. Learn cattlemen benefits from international exports.

The Value of the Carcass

Mark McCully, CEO of the American Angus Association and former vice president of production at Certified Angus Beef LLC, explains the differences of some commonly used beef marketing terms. Watch as he breaks down what adds value to a carcass.