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Registration opens for Feeding Quality Forum webinar

The 15th annual Feeding Quality Forum will be a free, two-day, virtual event delivering tangible tools and ideas for commercial cattlemen and feeders. This year’s agenda has a strong focus on the markets—an ever changing topic this year.

Cultivated curiosity

The Feeding Quality Forum has recognized noted cattle feeding research scientist John Matsushima as the 2020 Industry Achievement Award winner for his long career of dedicated service.

Avoiding the storm

The health of an animal is important at every level of production. Researchers have found a way to select cattle for disease-resistant genetics and strong immune systems.

The Resistance

Antibiotic resistance in cattle is a growing concern for producers and consumers. The goal for cattlemen and women is to implement strategies at the management level with good animal husbandry practices, routine health exams and vaccination.

The Resistance Part II: The bacteria battle

Antibiotic resistant bacteria come about in many forms, and employ several tricks to keeping long-standing treatments from working. Anytime a drug is used, it may lead to less effective options the next time around, no matter the class. Part II in a two-part series.

The Resistance Part I: Works today, not tomorrow?

Antibiotic resistance. You’ve heard about it in the mainstream headlines, but this first in a two-part series covers the “why” it matters to animal agriculture and what cattlemen can do about it.

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Latest headlines

Best of both worlds

Brian Bertelsen, U.S. Premium Beef (USPB) vice president, spoke at the Beef Improvement Federation’s recent online symposium, covering everything from hot carcass weight to quality grade targets. This article shares the data that shows what’s really possible.

Lights, camera, cook!

The COVID-19 pandemic and its lack of options for dining out changed the home kitchen’s role in daily lives. With society running on a new schedule, chefs at the Certified Angus Beef® brand explored different ways to connect with consumers. CAB Chefs Michael Ollier and Gavin Pinto started by meeting consumers where they are—in the comfort of their homes.

CAB intern Herring draws on passion, heritage, education

CAB summer intern Maeley Herring has a rich understanding of the cattle business and the heart to match. The Texas Tech University graduate will share cattlemen’s stories by drawing on her Texas family ranching heritage and personal experiences to connect people with ideas.

New thresholds for Targeting the Brand™

Breeders and bull studs use the Targeting the Brand™ logo to denote bulls that excel in the marbling EPD and the Grid Dollar Value Index. The genetic requirements were recently updated: so that commercial cow-calf producers better find sires that help them hit CAB brand specifications.

Black Ink

Behind those scenes

There’s a lot of good in the hard work that nobody sees. But as Miranda’s career takes her into the living rooms and ranches of cattlemen and women across the country, she sees it.

The taste of change

Which traditions are worth holding on to and which ones need a second look? In 2020, change and disruption have been around every corner. Things look different in our newsfeeds, but the cattle in the pasture feel the same, undisturbed by the stressors swirling around us.

Faith and flexibility

Mom and Dad took care of us first in times of crisis, knowing everything else would follow. As this worldwide pandemic brings another chain reaction and disruption that seemingly came out of nowhere, I find myself struggling in this career. They say, “Hindsight is 20/20,” but when looking back on 2020, I hope it shows faith and flexibility carried us through.

Videos: Industry Updates

Feeding Quality Forum coming to you

August 4, 2020

Kara Lee shares details for this year’s Feeding Quality Forum webinar series.

Start with a focu

She’s got it all

Beef cattle markets adjust

Cattle Crew Views

Beefed up findings

Frank Mitloehner presents his findings on the animal ag sector’s impact on global warming. He explains how cattle counterbalance other fossil fuel sectors, proving that cattle are a solution and not a threat.

This too shall pass

There are no words that will take away the devastating slap of a market drop, the pain of a postponed bull sale or the exhausting frustration that things feel out of control. The page will eventually turn and the world will still need great beef and those who raise it.

Speaking of meat

CAB chefs and meat scientists are so good at sharing their know-how that a whole range of listeners will sign on from city streets to ranch sand hills and beyond. Now find their expertise in their new podcast “Meat Speak”.

The stories that barn could tell

Every barn means something to the people who spend so much of their lives in it, but it takes sharing those moments with the rest of the world. Sheltering Generations does that and gives back to rural communities.

CAB Insider

Greater eligibility assists CAB supply

Fed cattle prices have stabilized and improved in the later part of July, but are still lower than a year ago. With a backlog of cattle on feed longer, greater eligibility is joining up with higher quality grades to increase July certified head counts above those seen a year ago.

50-14 legislation considerations

The past couple of weeks have offered little excitement in the fed cattle trade. Consumer driven economic signals have been passed back to producers because the marketplace has been allowed to differentiate price for cattle and beef product based on quality specifications and other merits.

Outlook for heifer retention and cow numbers

Packers have proven capable of not only large weekly production but of daily headcounts on par or larger than a year ago. The turnaround in the cattle cycle and the abnormalities of 2020 will further incentivize producers to shrink the nation’s herd.

Out front sales leap

With increased boxed product supplies comes a strong demand from the buying side to secure previously scarce supplies. These days, price is more favorable for end users. Fed cattle supplies are overwhelming and packer margins still leave room for boxes to be marked cheaper on larger production volume.

Watch the CAB Market Report

From beef sales trends to grid nuances, CAB experts from across the company discuss how to market matters to you.