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Trust insurance

Beef Quality Assurance eases consumer concerns about how their food is raised. BQA is common sense backed by science and research like animal welfare, health, record keeping, biosecurity, transportation and worker safety.

Promoting growth and grade

When it comes to growth implants in cattle, animal scientist Robbi Pritchard only worries about three things: getting enough premium if you’re not use them, using them wrong and using them with too little insight.

A rare opportunity

It’s been 16 years since the “cow that stole Christmas” shut down exports from North America and cost the industry $9 billion. All these years later and still no national traceability program? Joe Leathers shared his exasperation.

Passing the torch

We speak with pride about what our forebears did to build up the land and business. But there’s more to each generation than that. At the 2019 Feeding Quality Forum, Rodd Welker said all you have to do is find common ground.

Beef grading from yesterday to today

With more quality in the cow herd than ever before, producers are talking about premium brands and grades over Choice. New technology is making its way in to packing plants and shows promising signs of accuracy.

The buzz about beef

Anne-Marie Roerink with 210 Analytics talks about the “Power of Meat” as part of her annual surveys. American consumers are 86% meat eaters, yet fridges are empty. Producers are still seen as trustworthy and should work harder to tell their stories.

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Trust insurance

Beef Quality Assurance eases consumer concerns about how their food is raised. BQA is common sense backed by science and research like animal welfare, health, record keeping, biosecurity, transportation and worker safety.

Capturing value for your calves

The way we market cattle trickles down to the cow-calf producer and how they choose to sell calves. Consumer dollars favor adding value to the end product, and it pays to start down that road while still on the ranch by retaining ownership.

Prime opportunities highlight CAB outlook

When sales are up across the board, it’s often hard to find a darling of the fiscal year. But for the Certified Angus Beef® brand, even in a strong year, CAB Prime stole the show, said the brand’s president, John Stika. “We could have sold a lot more of this product if it were available, but it wasn’t.”

Beyond the storm

Disappointing cattle prices loom like storm clouds. A third of producers are losing money, while others get by with modest returns and worry about those thunderheads. There are silver linings, of course. Consumer demand for high-quality beef is stronger than it’s ever been.

Quality game

Opening up dialogue about the CAB brand gets cattlemen thinking about the decisions they make on the ranch and how those affect consumers. Ultimately, every CAB steak starts at the registered purebred level.

Black Ink

Common ground

We swapped stories about meeting our significant others, of vacation blunders and parenting priorities. There were some great storytellers in our ranks. The food was outstanding, but the company surpassed it.

Too many irons in the fire

You can’t work with what you don’t have. It’s an obstacle I stumble on regularly, putting too many things on a mile-long to-do list, certain I’ll just figure out how to get it all done. I offer up time and resources I don’t have, to try and fit all the priorities.

Live and learn

In her travels across the country, Miranda visits many ranches that have been in the same family for a century or at least several decades. Hear what prior generations of cattlemen have passed on to the current stewards.

Videos: Industry Updates

Demanding high quality

December 10, 2019

CattleFax analyst provides a world-market overview and outlook for cattle…

Tough transitions made simple

Hy-Plains Feedyard wins CAB honors

Beef grading now and tomorrow

Cattle Crew Views

The stories that barn could tell

Every barn means something to the people who spend so much of their lives in it, but it takes sharing those moments with the rest of the world. Sheltering Generations does that and gives back to rural communities.

Beef up your cooking

Before I started my job with Certified Angus Beef all I knew about steak is I wanted it medium-rare. My mom burns food and it doesn’t matter if it’s garlic toast or steak. So I was not used to getting medium-rare steak…

Champions on the hoof and under the hide

Alexis “Lexi” Koelling has been pulling a heifer around since she was three. Now 15, she’s no stranger to the winner’s circle, but you wouldn’t know by talking to her. You’d have to prod her a bit to find out she won Grand Champion in both the carcass steer and bred-and-owned carcass steer at the National Junior Angus Show this summer. It’s her 5th year in that competition, her second bred-and-owned.

Sustaining common ground

Steve knows that while consumers’ intentions are good, they aren’t always backed with the most accurate information. He explains points of sustainability on his ranch.

CAB Insider

Sign of the times

There has been a 7.4% increase in heifers harvested this year, while steers are down 0.4%. History shows fed heifers post higher marbling scores on average, yet we don’t see that reflected in the recent marbling trend.

Cull cows and the lean market

Paul Dykstra shares the cattle market is seeing impressive recovery since the fire in August. China’s protein needs shift towards beef since their pork industry’s onslaught of ASF, causing disruption in typical U.S. beef imports.

Squaring carcass value and calf prices

Paul Dykstra gives a market update, sharing the fed cattle prices are on a seasonal upward trend. Weaning and shipping have hit cattle country and producers must decide—to sell or retain ownership. Paul breaks down the numbers.

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