I will be enjoying a pretty laid back vacation day with my family, probably catching up on both housework and lawn work, capping it off by grilling out.

But as I celebrate with a simple meal, I’ll take a moment to think about all the hours of hard work it took to bring it to my table. All the late nights farmers and ranchers put in; all the hours of worry over the weather, markets and endless management decisions; all the birthday parties and family outings that have waited until that calf was born or the hay was baled.

Then there are the truckers, the packing plant employees, more truckers, distributors, stockers, checkers and numerous laborers in between. But these pictures and prose are dedicated to those who orginate that process:

Here’s to You

The romantic cowboy image is alive and well. Horses, the Marlboro Man, wide open spaces—they sell.

But reality isn’t always as picturesque as it appears.  The life of a cattleman takes tenacity to withstand the years.

2016_05_mr_Springvale Ranch_Christensen-299

It’s an honest day’s work that often lasts into the night. It’s not quitting ‘till the job’s done and done right.

It’s caring for a family,the cattle and the land. And doing right by the Lord’s command.

Suddenly the lifestyle might not seem so nice. When you realize it’s feeding the world by personal sacrifice.



But it’s a noble profession,where the passionate thrive. Hard work, smarts, instinct—it takes them all to survive.

So on this Labor Day we tip our hats to you: The men and women that produce beef for the land of the red, white & blue!

Happy Labor Day!

~Miranda (and the rest of the Black Ink team)