feeding quality forum 2018


The 13th annual Feeding Quality Forum in Sioux City, Iowa, offered new insight on a variety of topics, from a detailed market outlook to consumer perceptions of the beef industry. Feedyard managers also shared their ideas on employee management. Producing quality beef and feed sample testing were also discussed. Hear from the speakers, read news coverage and download the presentations below. 

Speaker summaries and news

Better every day

“Continuous improvement,” it’s what the beef industries does to demonstrate to consumers we’re committed to getting better. It’s how we measure progress. For Cargill Protein, the packing company puts the same pressure on themselves.

Mindful management

Undetectable diseases are hard to cure. That’s why the industry is working to find new ways of treating liver abscesses. Tylan is effective, but as antibiotic-resistance concerns and conversations continue, its future is not assured.

Promoting growth and grade

When it comes to growth implants in cattle, animal scientist Robbi Pritchard only worries about three things: getting enough premium if you’re not use them, using them wrong and using them with too little insight.

A rare opportunity

It’s been 16 years since the “cow that stole Christmas” shut down exports from North America and cost the industry $9 billion. All these years later and still no national traceability program? Joe Leathers shared his exasperation.

Passing the torch

We speak with pride about what our forebears did to build up the land and business. But there’s more to each generation than that. At the 2019 Feeding Quality Forum, Rodd Welker said all you have to do is find common ground.

Beef grading from yesterday to today

With more quality in the cow herd than ever before, producers are talking about premium brands and grades over Choice. New technology is making its way in to packing plants and shows promising signs of accuracy.

The buzz about beef

Anne-Marie Roerink with 210 Analytics talks about the “Power of Meat” as part of her annual surveys. American consumers are 86% meat eaters, yet fridges are empty. Producers are still seen as trustworthy and should work harder to tell their stories.

Innovations in health diagnostics

John Richeson presented on his research in BRD diagnostics at the 2019 Feeding Quality Forum. Focused on metaphylaxis and new technologies that may aid in faster identification of clinically-infected animals.

Rising to the challenge of ideal

Certified Angus Beef LLC President asks the question, “Have we outpaced consumer demand for premium beef?” John Stika’s short answer is “no”. The ideal quality mix changes as consumers preferences change, but we are close to ideal as ever.

The new (dis)order in today’s markets

“There’s a solid demand for our beef, both in terms of the domestic market and the export market,” he said. “We think USDA is understating U.S. beef trade, so there’s a real argument of a demand bull market that’s developing as U.S. cattle prices tighten.”

download the presentations

dan basse - politics, trade and beef outlook

President of AgResource, Dan Basse shared what factors are impacting the cattle markets now and into the future. 


brian vanderley - vaccination timing

University of Nebraska Lincoln researcher Brian Vander Ley explained the importance of stratigically vaccinating feeder cattle. 


Dale Blasi - Limit Feeding as an option to optimize

Kansas State University animal scientist, Dale Blasi shared how to reduce inputs while rising profits.


Paul Walz - Weaning Vaccine Selection
From Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, Paul Walz covered the influence of weaning vaccine selection on pre-breeding vaccine options.


Jeff Heldt - Vitamin & Mineral Formulations

Beef Technical Services Manager for Micronutrients, USA, Jeff Heldt shares current and future considerations for vitamin and mineral formulations.


Paul Dykstra - Grid Marketing

Grid marketing is nothing new to feeders, but what about the commercial cattleman’s perspective? Paul Dykstra, beef cattle specialist for Certified Angus Beef shares what cow-calf producers need to know. 


Rick Funston - Heifer Development

Reproductive Physiologist for the University of Nebraska Lincoln, Rick Funston shares how to create profitable heifer development systems in your operation. 



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