Not one for small talk

Not one for small talk

Uncomfortable silence.
If you don’t like it, you know the kind. Perhaps you’re just getting to know somebody, and you reach a point in the conversation where that silence hangs heavy and it makes you uneasy.

Coming Home

Coming Home

“His name is Panic Switch,” says Colton Hamilton with a grin. His father Gavin helps hold the stuffed bull’s head nearly their height.
But I didn’t hear the word “panic” clearly. I don’t know what I heard, even after asking a couple more times. Maybe the Canadian accent was fooling me.

From one over-achiever to another

  From one overachiever to another Picture this: Two sprinkler irrigation pipes standing nearly 30 feet tall made sturdy by a cross brace. A perfectly calculated swing hanging from the center of the brace. A 12-foot platform attached to every kid’s dream jungle gym....

A new “middle meat”

My taste buds were watering just looking at the menu. Beef Belly – Certified Angus Beef navel, white beans three ways & ramp chimichurri; Apricot Carrots – old style lager braised carrots, apricot mead glaze, puffed grain, mint; Grilled Potato – leeks, lovage, spicy carbonara sauce, sheep’s milk cheese; Coal Toasted Country Bread – buttermilk curd, preserved mushroom, burnt maple syrup, sage

All that really matters

He’s not a cattleman, but Kent Black may look familiar to those who are. Maybe you remember the owner of The Original Black’s Barbecue from our recent video “Quality Outside the Middle Meats,” in which he talked about the importance of really good brisket and being an early fan of the Certified Angus Beef® brand.

Trevor Dam, Angus Link and focus

“Good cattle sell themselves,” says Nebraska cattleman Trevor Dam. He uses artificial insemination, breeds based on EPD parameters and is trying Angus Link to give him even more information on this year’s calf crop.