When you think about the end product of beef production, what do comes to mind? A tender, juicy steak —preferably seasoned with no more than salt and pepper and grilled to medium or medium rare?

But there’s a lot more to a finished steer (or heifer, or cull cow) than just the middle meats. There’s ground beef, roasts, brisket — even non-branded items like organs, glands and intestines — being served on dinner tables all over the world tonight.

We can’t talk about this journey through the beef production chain without also pausing to take a look at those non-beef items that come from our herds.

They are the less-thought-about, the byproducts we use every day without even thinking about how they might have started out on our very ranches and feedlots.

Just a few examples are:

• Air filters

• Anti-aging cream

• Boots

• Candles

• Cement

• Chewing gum

• Cosmetics

• Deodorant

• Detergent

• Fertilizer

• Handbags

• Imitation eggs

• Medications

• Pasta

• Paint

• Plastics

• Rubber

• Shampoo and conditioner

• Textiles

That calf you see grazing on wheat pasture right now? He might not only grow up to produce cuts for the Certified Angus Beef® brand, he might also show up in the drugstore or department store!

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