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“Our independent success is dependent on each other,” Yon says. “That’s the cool part. Understanding one another’s process only helps.”

Kevin Yon

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The 13th annual Feeding Quality Forum in Sioux City, Iowa, offered new insight on a variety of topics, from a detailed market outlook to consumer perceptions of the beef industry. Feedyard managers also shared their ideas on employee management. Producing quality beef and feed sample testing were also discussed. To hear from the speakers and read news coverage and click the button below.

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A Mark to Remember

Turn right at the big red barn and then follow the dirt road north for 2 miles. People who travel off the blacktop hear those kinds of directions often. Barns on family farms and ranches across the country are a forceful image of small town vitality. Read more

CAB at 40: The Beef Community's Brand

The Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand turned 40 this year, tapping into an increased well of available and qualified cattle, up 25% in two years. With annual global sales reaching beyond 1.2 billion pounds (lb.), it’s pulled far ahead of a very large pack. Read more  

The Man Behind the Brand

The year was 1976 when USDA had just lowered its standards for the Choice quality grade. The industry that lobbied for the change was quickly moving toward a lean, commodity product. Angus cattle sold at a discount and registration numbers were in steep decline. Read more

Quality pays, but what does it cost

Quality pays, but what does it cost? Research shows performance not sacrificed for premiums By Katrina Huffstutler There’s no doubt, cattle that earn the Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand or Prime grade also earn premiums. In 2017 alone, packers in a biannual survey...

DemKota begins producing the Certified Angus Beef ® brand

DemKota begins producing the Certified Angus Beef ® brand   by Miranda Reiman In the heart of South Dakota—a state ranked fourth in yearly Angus registrations, where all cattle outnumber people four to one—there’s been a bit of a desert for marketers of high-quality...

Education, change: beneficial discomforts

Education, change: beneficial discomforts Cargill nutritionist pushes producers to reach for more  by Laura Conaway Change is the new constant. A cowman’s response to the ebb and flow of the industry is entirely up to the individual – but a choice is imminent. That’s...

The Path to 2 Billion

The Path to 2 Billion   by Mark McCully Could the Certified Angus Beef ® brand (CAB®) reach a billion pounds in sales?It was an audacious question back at the turn of the century when first considered. Some of the CAB team at the time were, candidly, more optimistic...

The Cost and Value of Quality

The Cost and Value of Quality NCBA Convention   By Nicole Lane Erceg Beef quality has many contributing factors – freshness, tenderness, color and more shape the perspective. However, when Mark McCully, vice president of production for the Certified Angus Beef ®...

It’s Prime time

It’s Prime timeIs the rising tide of Prime beef good news or too much of a good thing?  by Katrina Huffstutler There was a time when targeting the Choice grade seemed like a lofty goal.But as the song goes, the times, they are a-changin’.While Choice numbers rose...

Always eating for two

Always eating for two Nutrition matters for each stage of calf development   by Miranda Reiman How many months out of a year is a mother cow just eating for herself?Hopefully none, says Janna Kincheloe, North Dakota State University animal scientist. That emphasizes...

Record beef exports despite trade challenges

Record beef exports despite trade challenges   by Miranda Reiman If you’ve never eaten beef lips, you’re proof of this beef export truth: “It’s all about putting the right cut in the right market and maximizing what opportunity there is.” That’s according to Dan...

To add value to Angus calves, target this brand

To add value to Angus calves, target this brand   by Miranda Reiman Most cattlemen look for well-rounded genetic profiles when perusing sale books, but it can be information overload. For those who want to emphasize carcass quality in their selection, the Certified...

Matching cow herd needs to overall goals

Matching cow herd needs to overall goals Sanders, Viator talk epigenetics, fetal programing and selection Story by Miranda Reiman Control what you can and deal with the rest. Cattlemen can’t stop drought or hurricanes, but they can set their herd up to be successful...

Targeting the Brand

Leverage the brand to help market registered Angus bulls that meet our EPD requirements and get rewarded for using the logo.