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Packers pay more than $75 million in CAB grid premiums each year. Are you getting your share?

Breed Bulls on Target

Every steak starts with your genetic decisions. The first step towards brand acceptance? Registered Angus bulls.

Your Resource for Targeting Quality

From best management practices to genetic recommendations, we share how to let the brand add to your bottom line.

Leading the Way

Spring Cove Ranch

2019 Seedstock Commitment to Excellence

Art and Stacy Butler shouldn’t be here. Hearty pioneers on the Oregon Trail traveled across the land they ranch on today and passed it by, sure there were better spots for to build a life. A wide-open slice of the West, Spring Cove Ranch is still rugged…

Noble Ranch

2019 Commercial Commitment to Excellence

Ryan Noble says it all started in 2001. After watching his friend’s Angus cow herd develop and prosper, he finally had the means to buy the same genetics for his own herd. “As soon as we can get to Montana to buy some of those bulls, we’re gonna make the trip”…

NA Timmerman Inc

2019 Feedyard Commitment to Excellence

“Proud.” It’s the only word that comes to mind, when Norm thinks of how it all turned out. “It’s nice to be that good of friends with your family members, who like to work together,” he says. Each day, the family brings diverse interests and skillsets, a shared trust and camaraderie…

Hy-Plains Feedyard

2019 Progressive Partner

If they set the bar there today, by tomorrow, they’ll raise it higher. That’s the kind of feedyard Tom Jones manages. It’s the kind of person Jones is. Two decades later he still makes his living on the business…

Olson Land & Cattle

2019 Ambassador Award

You may not notice the beautiful wooden table in Steve and Ginger Olson’s well-lit dining room. That’s because it’s usually just set up to seat four, maybe six. But there’s a story behind the custom-made heritage table…

Do you know a cattleman who is committed to excellence?

Each year CAB chooses producers who have been nominated from the seedstock, commercial and feedlot sectors to be awarded at its annual conference in the fall. The chosen award winners are innovative and excel in areas of genetics, management practices, marketing strategies, customer service and overall CAB acceptance rate.

Applications for Beef Leaders Institute are open

The Beef Leaders Institute (BLI) provides American Angus Association members a unique opportunity to experience the beef value chain from pasture-to-plate. Hosted by the American Angus Association and sponsored by the Certified Angus Beef ® brand and the Angus Foundation, the tour takes participants on a five-day expedition starting at the Association. Then hit the road to learn about new technology in the industry and what happens to your feeder calves once they leave your operation.

Sound up your alley? Apply before the February 15 deadline.

Sheltering Generations

The American Barn

Across America, on your farms and ranches the barn is the heart of the operation. That’s why we traveled across the country to #BrandTheBarn for our 40th anniversary last year. Forty barns to be exact.

Wonderful families with incredible stories worth sharing. That’s why we returned to these barns. We are excited to offer our new coffee table book: Sheltering Generations. It is filled with agricultural legacies, beautiful photography and heartfelt stories.

Targeting the Brand™

Leverage the brand to help market registered Angus bulls that meet our minimum genetic recommendations. Get rewarded for using the logo.


Capturing value for your calves

Capturing value for your calves

The way we market cattle trickles down to the cow-calf producer and how they choose to sell calves. Consumer dollars favor adding value to the end product, and it pays to start down that road while still on the ranch by retaining ownership.

New book release benefits ranchers

New book release benefits ranchers

There are 40 stories included in the coffee table book: Sheltering Generations—The American Barn. Beef producers in more than 20 states, ranch life, rural community and the role of barns in our landscape. Proceeds benefit the Rural Relief Fund.

Prime opportunities highlight CAB outlook

Prime opportunities highlight CAB outlook

When sales are up across the board, it’s often hard to find a darling of the fiscal year. But for the Certified Angus Beef® brand, even in a strong year, CAB Prime stole the show, said the brand’s president, John Stika. “We could have sold a lot more of this product if it were available, but it wasn’t.”