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“Our independent success is dependent on each other,” Yon says. “That’s the cool part. Understanding one another’s process only helps.”

Kevin Yon

Yon Family Farms

Jerry Bohn receives Industry Achievement Award

For his leadership to the beef industry and dedication to raising quality cattle, Bohn received the 2019 Feeding Quality Forum (FQF) Industry Achievement Award.


A Mark to Remember

Turn right at the big red barn and then follow the dirt road north for 2 miles. People who travel off the blacktop hear those kinds of directions often. Barns on family farms and ranches across the country are a forceful image of small town vitality. Read more

CAB at 40: The Beef Community's Brand

The Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand turned 40 this year, tapping into an increased well of available and qualified cattle, up 25% in two years. With annual global sales reaching beyond 1.2 billion pounds (lb.), it’s pulled far ahead of a very large pack. Read more  

The Man Behind the Brand

The year was 1976 when USDA had just lowered its standards for the Choice quality grade. The industry that lobbied for the change was quickly moving toward a lean, commodity product. Angus cattle sold at a discount and registration numbers were in steep decline. Read more

Beef that keeps them coming back

Beef that keeps them coming backLearning and teaching in parking lots  by Morgan Marley The mirage above the grills and sizzle in the skillets say they’re hot. People bustle between cooking stations on the blacktop and soon, the savory aroma of cooking meat fills the...

Southern Illinois legend goes hog wild for CAB

17th Street BBQSouthern Illinois legend goes hog wild for CAB  by Chelsea Dinterman Before he could walk or even talk, legendary pit master Mike Mills understood barbecue.Amy Mills, daughter and co-owner of 17th Street Barbecue in Murphysboro and Marion, Ill.,...

The new (dis)order in today’s markets

The new (dis)order in today's markets   by Abbie Burnett “Economic and political order has become disorder,” said AgResource president Dan Basse, in market analysis comments at the 2019 Feeding Quality Forum in Amarillo, Texas.In a third of the world’s economies...

Innovation brings profit

Innovation brings profit Feeding Quality Forum speakers encourage new thinking   by Miranda Reiman The cattle industry needs to make some bold, creative changes to ensure its viability.That was the wakeup call from speakers at the Feeding Quality Forum, Aug. 27 to 28...

Beef state senior interns with CAB

Beef State senior interns with CAB   by Natalie Jones Fifth generation on her family’s 120-year-old Diamond Bar Ranch near Stapleton, Nebraska, Natalie Jones joined the Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) producer communications team this fall as an intern. “Besides her...

The search for stockmen

The search for stockmen By Kylee Kohls The future of food is in our hands, but do we have enough hands to help feed the world? Courtney Daigle, assistant professor of animal welfare at Texas A&M University, shares ideas on the narrowing supply of quality stockmen...

Fetus to feedyard

Fetus to feedyard Immunometabolism's impact on animal health   by Kylee Kohls This isn’t a research topic you’d find at the middle-school science fair. It’s so new, research is just beginning to explore this 16-letter term for immune cells sharing nutrients with major...

One thing leads to another

One thing leads to another The lifetime event of perinatal nutrition By Kylee Kohls There’s a cause and a consequence for everything. You can see it in cow herds just before and after calving, says Allison Meyer, animal scientist at the University of Missouri.    The...

Jerry Bohn to receive FQF Industry Achievement Award

Jerry Bohn to receive FQF Industry Achievement Award   by Miranda Reiman When the opportunity knocked the first time, cattle feeder Jerry Bohn said “no.” “I turned the Pratt job down once, before we made the decision to come here,” he says. With a young family and a...

Plan, monitor and cool it

Plan, monitor and cool it  by Kylee Kohls It’s a hot topic every summer.“Heat stress is the largest impediment to efficient animal agriculture,” said Rob Rhoads, Virginia Tech. He presented with University of California-Davis colleague Frank Mitloehner for a symposium...

Targeting the Brand

Leverage the brand to help market registered Angus bulls that meet our EPD requirements and get rewarded for using the logo.