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Across America, on your farms and ranches the barn is the heart of the operation. That’s why we traveled across the country to #BrandTheBarn for our 40th anniversary last year. Forty barns to be exact.

Wonderful families with incredible stories worth sharing. That’s why we returned to these barns. We are excited to offer our new coffee table book: Sheltering Generations. It is filled with agricultural legacies, beautiful photography and heartfelt stories.


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“Our independent success is dependent on each other,” Yon says. “That’s the cool part. Understanding one another’s process only helps.”

Kevin Yon

Yon Family Farms

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Leverage the brand to help market registered Angus bulls that meet our EPD requirements and get rewarded for using the logo.


A Mark to Remember

Turn right at the big red barn and then follow the dirt road north for 2 miles. People who travel off the blacktop hear those kinds of directions often. Barns on family farms and ranches across the country are a forceful image of small town vitality. Read more

CAB at 40: The Beef Community's Brand

The Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand turned 40 this year, tapping into an increased well of available and qualified cattle, up 25% in two years. With annual global sales reaching beyond 1.2 billion pounds (lb.), it’s pulled far ahead of a very large pack. Read more  

The Man Behind the Brand

The year was 1976 when USDA had just lowered its standards for the Choice quality grade. The industry that lobbied for the change was quickly moving toward a lean, commodity product. Angus cattle sold at a discount and registration numbers were in steep decline. Read more

The buzz about beef

The buzz about beef  by Natalie JonesOctober 14, 2019 Connect with the changing food culture to keep beef at the center of more plates. That’s advice from Anne-Marie Roerink of 210 Analytics, who spoke at the late-August Feeding Quality Forum in Amarillo.“We can...

Certified Angus Beef ® brand marks 15th consecutive year of growth

Certified Angus Beef ® brand marks 15th consecutive year of growth Record supply allows partners to meet consumer demandBy Miranda Reiman Economic incentive is a powerful thing. It directs ranch-level decisions and points an industry in a specific direction. Financial...

Innovations in health diagnostics

Innovations in health diagnostics  by Morgan MarleyOctober 7, 2019 Cattle are great at camouflaging when they are sick. It’s part of their survival instinct. But what if you could detect illness before a calf showed clinical signs?That’s just what animal scientist...

Rising to the challenge of ideal

Rising to the challenge of ideal What consumers demand, ranchers provide   by Morgan Marley September 30, 2019 Beef cow herds change with each year, from breeding to calving and replacements kept. They adapt based on management decisions. So when the first National...

Welcome to the table

2019 Ambassador Award Welcome to the tableInvestments in cattle, people and the mission to share Story and photos by Abbie Burnett September 25, 2019 You may not notice the table in Steve and Ginger Olson’s dining room when set for four. But the custom-made heritage...

Century of focus

2019 Commercial Commitment to Excellence Century of focus Colorado ranch earns top commercial honors Story and photos by Morgan Marley September 25, 2019 It take endless hard work to make it in the ranching business, sometimes success is built upon for a century. For...

Built on a breed

2019 Seedstock Commitment to Excellence Built on a breed A century of focus earns Spring Cove Ranch the CAB Seedstock Commitment to Excellence Award Story and photos by Nicole Lane Erceg September 25, 2019 When the first Angus sire arrived at Spring Cove Ranch in...

Own what you do

2019 Progressive Partner Award Own what you doTom Jones and his Hy-Plains team keep feeding, learning and showing the way to better  Story and photos by Miranda ReimanSeptember 25, 2019 If they set the bar there today, by tomorrow, they’ll raise it higher.That’s the...

All-in cattle feeding

2019 Feedlot Commitment to Excellence All-in cattle feeding Timmerman family receives CAB honors   Story and photos by Miranda ReimanSeptember 25, 2019 They were raising children with diverse skillsets and diverging dreams. Veteran cattle feeders Norm and Sharon...

Tame your selection criteria

Tame your selection criteriaDocility proven as economically relevant trait  by Natalie JonesSeptember 23, 2019 You keep looking to beef quality, maternal and feed efficiency for herd improvement. What about docility? Research says it may have more impact than you...